5 Important Tips To Write A Killer Article

An article is the best way to show and review the content of any website. It’s the sum and substance of contents of about that website. So writing a killer article is very important for giving the best show business for your website. A killer article is always informative and contains zero-fat topic. It gives a view of the website and tips which makes the best use of that particular feature. It is written for targeting the audience. It gives pleasure to them. They get the exact information from that article. The article contains statistics and all other current news. The method for you to write a killer article is described here. Read the full article →

Best Drag and Drop Visual Contact Form Builder

Live Form – Drag & Drop Form Builder is an elegant way to build and manage any type of forms. You want to build a contact form, subscription form, client review form or a form for managing your product support section, this plugin could be a best choice for you. This plugin also will give you the capability to assign and manage support agent to each of your forms. Read the full article →

Best WordPress Plugins to Highlight Code within Your Blog

Some web developers love to show their work/code in their personal blogs for the users to learn. But problem is that, they can’t insert or highlight their code snippet in the editor directly. So, some developers have developed some very nice plugins to tackle this problem. Following are a list of best WordPress plugins to highlight code within your blog that I have personally tried. Read the full article →